Man’s Body Photoshopped To Fit 18 Different Countries’ Beauty Standards


Yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, meaning, it’s a subjective thing. These photos are here to prove that.

A UK-based online medical platform asked a group of graphic designers from around the world to Photoshop one picture based on their country’s beauty standards. The experiment was to show what  different parts of the world consider to be a handsome man.

A study shows that up to 40% of men in the UK feel pressure from the media to have the perfect body, meaning women are not alone in this one anymore. Beauty standards and their influence on a person can be a psychological burden and this leads to twisted perception of what’s beautiful and can even damage one’s health.

These pictures show what different parts of the world consider an attractive man.

The Original


Australia: The man’s changes are mostly in his face, as it’s thinner and longer than the original


Colombia: The designer flattened the man’s stomach a bit and really brought out his eyes


Bangladesh: Darker skin tone, face is more sculpted, more pronounced muscles


Indonesia: Not much is changed excepted a thinned out face and a smaller waist


Portugal: Pecks and a slim face


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