The Many Downsides Of Online Shopping!

The Many Downsides Of Online Shopping!


Online Shopping has seriously taken off in the last 10 to 15 years. Most of the items I have purchased via the Internet were books from well-known publishers, or generally through Amazon. So books generally arrive as they are.
It’s been my principle not to buy clothes or shoes via the Internet since I cannot trust the designated sizes and my body weight tends to fluctuate.
I have seen countless examples of people not getting their money’s worth. Sometimes the item that was advertised is slightly different than the one you receive. Sometimes it has nothing to do with what you were expecting to arrive through the mail.
You will sometimes bump into fair sellers who are ready to substitute what you received with what you wanted to receive in the first place and then even give you a free item with that.
However, there are others who are literal trolls and are nowhere to be found after the transaction has been established.
Please make sure to do everything you can to research the seller and check their rating and reviews.
Here is a list of online shopping gone awry, just as a reminder of all the garbage that’s circling the Internet these days!

1. Snake Belt

I am pretty intrigued by the person who would want to own a belt like this, but oh well! Different strokes for different folk I guess!


You can see in the first photo that the belt is actually decent looking, at least it is crafted well. Now the item that the buyer received is a joke!


2. Bikini

This is a classic case of the photo being stolen off the original brand.


The bathing suit that this lady received is nothing like the one in the original photo. It just doesn’t fit the figure right, the bathing suit is tailored totally wrong.


3. Halloween Costumes

Whoever it was that wanted to honor Princess Leia, didn’t quite get what they wanted!

Instead, they honored Casper the friendly ghost!

4. Wigs

Speaking of costume parties, many women opt for a simple wig to dress-up. Some of them just order wigs to complement their everyday looks.


The second portion of the two expects a wig made of natural hair, that looks original and well built. Imagine getting this number right here in the mail!


5. Wedding Dresses

We are entering a more serious territory over here. The wedding dress is the ultimate piece of clothing! Every woman on this God’s Green Earth wants to look splendid for her big day!

It’s such a pity for this woman to receive this trash of a dress. I sure hope she had a substitute for that.


6. Leggings

The garment that women just won’t do without! They come in all sorts of colors and sizes.


I am not quite sure how this woman ended up with Bratz doll leggings, but I would say it’s her fault. Those are plastic hands right there, woman!

7. Bad Dresses

As you remember, I already mentioned that I don’t buy clothes via the Internet because I don’t trus the given sizes.

This is exactly why. When shopping for a dress there are a lot of properties that must be taken into consideration. Your height vs. the type of dress, the texture of the cloth, the color, whether it fits your torso and hips etc.


8. Foam Skirt

I am pretty sure this skirt was ordered on a site that has a lot of pop-up windows, which ends up being viruses and such. This reeks of deceit!


Is there even a word for this material? Is that foam?


9. Slit Pants

These absolutely chic looking pants are amazing. I would so rock them in the windy summer nights, having a stroll by the port!


The only thing these pants are good for is to cover the crotch area. I wouldn’t wear them even if I was left with a single cloth to cover my bare back!

10. Pet Toys

This poor shopper wanted to buy their cat a tower. Since cats love towers. That means the cat will love it’s human too.


He received a tower for the Bratz doll with the golden leggings from picture six.


Source:youtube 9gag

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