Are Margot Robbie And Jaime Pressly Twins? Fans Are Struggling To Tell Them Apart

Finding a celebrity doppelganger is always exciting and now fans are losing their mind over the fact Margot Robbie seems to have a twin in fellow actress Jaime Pressly. The actresses’ incredible performance in I Tonya, for which she got Oscar nomination, is not the only thing people are talking about, they also spotted the 27-year-old’s uncanny similarity to Jaime Pressly, reports The Daily Mail. 


It looks like the Australian beauty is a ‘younger version’ of the 40-year-old Joe Dirt star.


One fan said:’Oh my god it just hit me that Margot Robbie is young Jaime Pressly I feel like my eyes have been opened to the Hotness Matrix.’


‘Has anyone CONFIRMED that Jaime King and Margot Robbie are different people?’ another asked.


The resemblance is incredible: the blonde hair, the green eyes, striking bone structure, the jawline that could cut glass.




Some people even believed that in the movie I, Tonya the talented figure skater Tonya Harding was played by  Jaime and not Margot.

‘I got halfway through I, Tonya before realizing that it was Margot Robbie and not Jaime Pressly tbh,’ one fan confessed.

‘Margot Robbie was incredible as Jamie Pressly as Tonya Harding,’ another said.


A third wrote: ‘I had to explain to someone this weekend that Margot Robbie & Jamie Pressley are not the same person. They really wanted to see that I Tonya movie with the lady from My Name is Earl.’


However, this is not the first time that the My Name Is Earl actress has noticed the similarity. She once said that she actually thinks Margot looks like her and not the other way around: ‘Right, right, well that would be she looks like me!’ adding that she is a big fan of her.


The two actresses met at the I, Tonya premiere in Hollywood in December.


Margot, who was nominated for Oscar during an interview in Sydney said: ‘The ideal situation is to be nominated and not actually win cause then it’s lovely to be nominated and then you don’t have to make the speech,’


‘If I have to get on stage right now I’ll just, I’ll die, I don’t know what to say,’ she said. ‘And oddly enough I find public speaking really terrifying.’


And fans still can’t wrap their hand around the fact that Tonya Harding was played by Margot and not Jamie.


Source: Dailymail