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Maria Miri Domark Is Probably The Hottest Soldier In The World


When you see her Instagram photos, you will immediately think that she is a supermodel and a fashion guru, but 20-year-old Maria Miri Domark is not an average model. As a matter of fact, this Barbie-like lady is probably the hottest soldier in the Israeli army. Scroll down and see for yourself. You might just open your eyes wider. She is a real soldier and a proof that women are superheroes. Here’s a collection of photos of her, made by 9gag.


Her unique charisma and modeling career have helped her gain online fame as well.


Maria is basically all over the media and people are beyond impressed by the way she looks.


She has amassed over 750,000 followers on Instagram.


Wondering why she did this? Well, the truth is that as required by the Israeli government, all women aged 18 to 26 in the country serve a mandatory military service for two to three years.


Before she became social-media famous, she started serving as a soldier in the Israel Defense Forces.


When she is not wearing bikinis or designer clothes for her modeling agency Yuli Grou, guess what she is doing nowadays? Of course, fulfilling her duties as a member of the Israel Defense Forces. Could you imagine having a modeling agency and being a soldier at the same time? That must be exhausting!


Apart from modeling for her agency, Domark also finds time to pose for her photographer friends, which she shows proudly on her Facebook account.


According to her Deviantart profile on Instagram, Domark loves watching cartoons and horror movies.


Also, she lists that she loves Lady Gaga’s music and loves listening to Carrie Underwood, too.



Is there anything you won’t find adorable about this lovely lady?


So young, yet, so dedicated!


Looking like a princess, and being a devoted soldier is not easy, for sure.


Her family and friends must be proud of her.


Source: 9gag

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