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OUCH! Mariah Carey Security Hit A Fan, Now Fan Demands An Apology

I can’t blame Mariah Carey for being under extra stress during Holiday season. After all, she’s tasked with performing that annoying Christmas carol over and over and over again… Like, that’s stressful man. But, that stress seeped out to her staff too, and it was so strong that, apparently, one of her bodyguards even punched a fan.

As reported by The Daily Mail, the fan is asking for an apology from Mariah Carey, because the star’s security punched him after her Las Vegas Christmas show, this Saturday. (What did I tell ya? The stress from the Christmas carols!)

The fan, going by the name of Yaniv Elharar, spoke to TMZ on Tuesday and claimed that the incident happened at Caesars Palace. It happened right after the – you guessed it – Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” concert.

According to Elharar, the bodyguard punched him because he was filming the assailant roughing up another fan.

Mariah blowing you a kiss and saying “All I Want For Christmas Is You.”


Now why does that feel familiar… Hmmm…

But anyways, reportedly, the security guard punched Elharar’s phone out of his hand, and then proceeded to punch him in the ribs. The fan has photos of his injuries and he already shared them, red marks and bruises clearly visible.

The fan then tried to wan away, with the bodyguard hot on his heels. Once he got some distance in, he called the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

The police has confirmed the incident.


The fan also posted a video of the incident on YouTube – albeit, of very poor quality. The caption said: “Security guard punched me in the chest and ribs at the @mariah Carey in Vegas.”

Elharar then went on to add: “All I did is film him attacking a fan and he grabbed my phone and started punching me I ended up in the ER with high blood pressure and a contusion I am emotionally physically and spiritually Traumatized.”

Mariah is a five-time Grammy winner. Last month, she performed in Paris.

The bruised fan included several hashtags to the description of the video, including: #ArrestTheBodyguard, #BrokenLamb, #AwfulHoliday and #IDeserveAnApologyFromMariahCarey.

Source: Dailymail