Mariah Carey Posted An Obviously Photoshopped Image And The Internet Is Unforgiving


When you’re famous, there’s a lot of pressure on you to look good. When you’re Mariah Carey and you’re obsessed with your diva issues, then that pressure intensifies. Which is why some issues arose over the past few days.

“Hey baby. Do those legs go all the way up?” – dead. Thank you @qween.memes 😂 #familyguy #spongebobsquarebodinaworldofbooty

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The internet NEVER forgives a bad photoshop job. It will be memorized, archived and brought back again and again for decades to come. Which is probably what will happen to Mariah Carey, after she posted one of her last photos on Instagram. She looks great, of course, but the help she got is too obvious.


Here’s what some of her followers had to say:

Poms.not.bombs wrote: “That’s got to be some of the worst photoshopping I’ve seen!”

Gaavi1126 said: “Photoshopped the thigh.”

Then thearodwrapgirl asked the obvious question: “Photoshopped!!!!!! Why???? She looks great without it!!!!”

The jig is up, Mariah.


It left many of her followers disappointed, and she has 4.5 million of them. Sure, you want to look good in front of those people, but at least hire a craftier person to help you with that.

However, Mariah is 46 years old. You have to admit, she looks good, even without Photoshop.


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