Mariah Carey’s 10 Most Absurd Demands

Mariah Carey is a diva that is known to be high maintenance. Apparently, the five Grammy Award winner once had an assistant who walked backward in front of her at all times in case she fell over. Right.
Here are 10 more times when Mariah was a bigger diva that you could have ever imagined, compiled by VT.

1. That time she tried to change the concept of Carpool Karaoke

Looks like Mariah doesn’t like karaoke. When appearing on Carpool Karaoke with James Corden, the 47-year-old singer preferred to just chat and drive around instead of sing. But she eventually started singing together with the TV host. “To her credit, she got involved and it was wonderful,” he later reported.

2. When she decided walking was too much of a pain

How many of us get carried around when we have blisters on our feet. Well, only Mariah. Apparently while shooting the video for the song Shake It off the singer couldn’t walk because of her torn up feet so she was carried around. Nice.

3. When she demanded help just to sit down

According to a TV host from GMTV Mariah during an interview required help to sit down on the sofa because she didn’t want her dress to wrinkle.

4. When she couldn’t enter a restaurant without a soundtrack

We all want our life to be a movie featuring amazing soundtracks and looks like Mariah’s is. Once, while she was out for dinner at a restaurant in Capri, Italy they had to play her music as the singer made her entrance.

5. When she requested an “Inconvenience Fee” from her ex

After breaking up with James Packer, the We Belong Together singer demanded $50 million in compensation because she didn’t like moving halfway across the country for her multi-billionaire boyfriend.

6. When she needed a red carpet just to get out of the car

Mariah needs a red carpet, not only when going to events but also when going to a hotel. The singer requested a red carpet when arriving for a stay at London’s Baglioni Hotel in 2005.

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7. That time she threw a party, then demanded people dress as her

The singer threw a party in her honor and asked for people to be dressed like her. According to US Weekly: “40 – 50 people — people from her touring crew, friends — dressed up in their favorite Mariah looks; looks inspired by her songs or videos, with Mariah’s hair, poses, and her signature style.”

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8. When she required her pets to match her nap schedule

When she appeared on the show MTV’s Cribs she disclosed that once she “changed all fish” for new ones because they weren’t on the same time schedule as her. I mean we all have done that, right.

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9. When she wanted a pet army to help her switch on some Christmas lights

Mariah requested for her appearance at London’s Westfield shopping center to be surrounded by white kittens, doves to fly around and butterfly-shaped confetti to rain down on her. Sadly, the shopping center refused. I would have loved to have seen that.

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10. That time she demanded to be on the presidential table at Obama’s inauguration

Apparently, the singer didn’t like the fact she was not invited to sit at the President’s dinner table so she walked out of the party.

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Source: VT