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A Romantic Waterfall Marriage Proposal Goes Entirely Wrong


Marriage will always remain the apotheosis of a life well lived for vast swathes of the population. Some consider it the “happiest day of their life” and once they want to do it, they make sure everything about it is perfect. And that’s why the proposal means a lot, because everything starts from there.


Despite this, even though some people think that marriage in the 21 century is outmoded, a lot of people are still making the long-time commitment. Now, with social media, the filtered effervescent world of Instagram meant that the moment of proposal should be as outlandish as possible, in the way to create the ultimate #Instamoment.

Probably that was the thinking behind this attempted proposal in La Plata County, Colorado. But unfortunately, things didn’t work out that way.


Andrew Schuhman got down on his knee to propose to his girlfriend framed by the backdrop of a waterfall but sadly he lost the ring, forever. He described the moment to Newsflare by saying:
“Caught up with the beauty of the area, I hastily created the whole plan, getting greedy and wanting a waterfall in the shot.
“I would tell her that I wanted a picture of us jumping off the smaller falls, he would take the picture/video.
“I would keep the ring on my pinky finger, my hand in a fist the whole time to ensure it would not slip off, and to keep it hidden.
“So we waded out and prepared to jump, but when the moment came, I guess I got nervous, and as I dropped to my knee and brought up my hand with the ring to ask the question, the ring was gone!

“In my panic, I told her ‘I just dropped the ring!’
“Not knowing what else to do, I asked in a rushed, desperate manner, ‘Uh, will you marry me?’
“Thankfully, she said ‘Yes.’”


While some questioned the validity of the video, Schuhmann maintains that the dramatic sequence was real:

“I had to leave after getting out of the water to go cry behind a rock.

“We took turns consoling each other in the days after, and decided to tell our parents and friends, which made it real.”


Source: Viralthread

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