She Was Married With Her Husband For 6 Weeks Before He Vanished. 68 Years Later She Learns What Happened


Peggy Harris was married for only six weeks to her husband, Billie. The couple tied the knot in the 1940s. Soon after Billie was deployed by the United States to fight in World War II.

On July 17, 1944, Lt. Billie Harris left for Nazi-occupied Northern France, and Peggie never heard from her husband again.

His wife Peggy never stopped loving him. It took 68 years for her to find out the fate of her husband. First, she thought Billie had been killed in action. Then, she was told that her husband was alive and was coming home. The destiny was cruel to her was once again when she was told that her husband had died. This confusion over Billie’s status was an extremely heavy weight on Peggy’s heart. As the time passed, she began to believe more and more that her husband had really died during the war.

Peggy decided to send a letter to the congressmen to avoid further confusion and communication errors. She was hoping to get an official confirmation about her husband’s status. She was finally told that Billie was marked MIA (missing in action).

Then she took the matters into her own hands. Peggy with her cousin Alton Harvey began a private investigation. After long years of digging and investigating they discovered that Billie was buried in the American Cemetery and Memorial in Normandy, France. It took 68 years for Peggy to finally learn her husband’s fate. But finally, she learned that he died a celebrated hero.

Take a look ate the video for more interesting details  about Peggy’s undying love for her husband.

Source:CBS News, shareably

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