This Gallery Proves Masculinity Is Fragile And Debatable


A lot of people have different perceptions about masculinity and what’s “manly”. For example, you see a lot of products at the store nowadays that feature the words  “for men” or “sport” on them, in a valiant but straight up ridiculous effort to masculinize their products. Check out this gallery for proof that masculinity is a highly fragile and… debatable thing, put together by Diply.

1. Just random manly words

This Gallery Proves Masculinity Is Fragile And Debatable 1
Source: Tumblr | rtrixie

2. How dare a male dog wear a bow tie?

This Gallery Proves Masculinity Is Fragile And Debatable 2
Source: Tumblr | iskariotrising

3. I’m surprised it hasn’t cracked yet

Source: Twitter | @allydombroskii

4. Brose?

It’s apparently a bad thing to drink rose wine…

Source: Twitter | @bimadew

5. Bro, man, dude and xtreme reinforce the manliness

Source: Twitter | @Ben_Etc

6. If you see “man size” on a product…

…you know they’re being serious. But does that mean women are small?

Source: Twitter | @neck_fxkingdeep

7. This is just stretching it

Freaking dryer sheets for men! I mean, how far can we stretch it?

Source: Instagram | @HalleyIsAwesome

8. Well put

Source: Tumblr | dutchster

9. This is the unfortunate truth

Source: Twitter | @sophie_gadd

10. What does Camouflage smell like?

Leaves? And what about Man Town? Does it smell like VHS tapes for adult movies?

Source: Twitter | @TheQueenRegnant

11. Yes, because men and women have completely different teeth

Source: Tumblr | thetrippytrip

12. They don’t have the same kind of ears either

Source: Twitter | @SpencerAlthouse

13. Umm… what?

Source: Tumblr | hellotailor

14. It extends to more than just products though

Source: Twitter | @Dangerousaidil

15. This guy had a good response to the guy that calls himself Sensitive Brown Boi

Source: Twitter | @justintbrown
From: diply

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