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If You Massage This Point On Your Ear, This Is What Will Happen To You


The root cause to many illnesses is stress! Stress affects us mentally and also physically. Removing stress is the simplest way to live a healthy life. But in today’s life that can be a little hard.

We have found the perfect solution for this problem. Eminent psychiatrist Dr. Mar Sandomirsky has recommended an ulikely treatment to relieve stress on a TV show. His method will help youself back to good health. Check this method out below.

Giving A Light Massage At This Point Will Fill You With New Energy.

The effects of stress often vary from person to person, but all these have a destructive effect on our health. Most people end up in an uncomfortable feeling and many of them also feel pain in different parts of their body when they are dealing with stress.

The solution for any kind of stress lies at the point at the apex of our ear. Giving a light massage at this point will help you get rid of daily stress.

This Point Is Called ‘SHEN MEN’

Before massaging this point you need to follow some advice :

– Use a cotton bud to press this point (it will help to prevent any redness or pain)

– Keep breathing deeply

– Look left during inhale and right during exhale

Look at this video to know more and learn this technique more clearly.


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