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This Is What Annoys Massage Therapists The Most


Being a massage therapist is actually a lot harder than any of us could ever imagine. Check out these real-life confessions of massage therapists, in order to truly start respecting the hard-working members of an important profession, and so you know how to behave next time you visit a massage parlor.

Hint: Never ever ask for a happy ending.

1. Don’t call them a “masseuse” or a “masseur”

These are outdated terms that over time became euphemisms for sex workers, so professionals don’t appreciate them much.

2. They don’t do sex stuff so don’t ask for it

If you ask for a “happy ending”, you will be shown the door so why ruin what would have probably been a thoroughly enjoyable experience?

3. Patients can get “handsy” anyway

Believe it or not, it quite often doesn’t matter how professional the massage therapists are with a client – many will try their luck anyways, despite the clear message.


4. You don’t have to feel self-conscious about your weight…

Every person is a collection of muscles and knot for a therapist: they just want to make your body feel better and won’t judge.

5. …or your zits

People who have breakouts on their necks and backs cancel appointments more often than one would expect. This is unfortunate, as the knowledge and skills of a massage therapist could go a long way in relieving the customer of zits by using soothing tea tree or lavender massage oils.


6. Professionals don’t care if you haven’t shaved

Since they see so many bodies with scars, bumps, cellulite, your slightly hairy legs are not a problem.


7. Shower before you go for a massage

As you could probably imagine, they don’t want to touch sweat and dirt so make sure you respect that. Massage therapists have to be well-groomed at all time, so make sure you hold your end of the bargain by jumping in the shower beforehand.


8. Flatulence is not uncommon

Don’t worry about this at all: it just meant that you’re relaxed and that the massage is working.


9. Clients who “forget” their wallet

If you get upset and refuse to pay because you were expecting a “happy ending” that you ultimately didn’t get, you will most probably have the police called on you.

10. People moan and grunt

Although a good massage will make you wanna do that, try not to moan loudly as this can be awkward for the therapist.

 People moan and grunt

11. Don’t assume it’s an easy job

Doing it is not far from spending ten hours standing while constantly doing an upper-body workout.

12. Massage therapists are the first people who need a massage

Their shoulders, backs, as well as their wrists take a lot of strain and sometimes they even develop arthritis.


13. It can be emotionally draining, too

Some customers like to chat while they’re being massaged so the process can sometimes resemble a therapy session in addition to being physically demanding.

14. It’s not exactly a reliable job

In general, massage professionals do not tend to make a lot of money. People often see a massage as a treat, so when times get rough, it is one of the first things they cut out in order to save cash.

 It’s not exactly a stable or reliable job

15. A little cut can ruin their whole week

If they have a cut or scratch it means that it is constantly being stretched and irritated by the oils, making it very difficult to heal.

16. Friends use lines on them all the time

Like the old favorite, “My neck is so stiff today,” forgetting that no one likes taking busman’s holidays.


17. Speak up if you don’t like something

If it is painful or uncomfortable, just tell them.

18. There’s a lot of laundry

Seriously, so many towels!

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19. Sometimes they uncover serious health issues

Bear in mind that back pain can sometimes be a manifestation of something more serious, such as lung problems or even cancer.

20. People who don’t relax drive them insane

Don’t move around or shift the table. Stop what you’re doing and enjoy!


21. At the end of the day, they love what they do

It is a very rewarding job so pay your local parlor a visit sometime soon to discover a relaxing new world.

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