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27 Master Rule Breakers We Could All Learn From


Life is a game, you all know it! Now, how we play the game is what determines whether we’ll call it daily struggle and toil, or a day on the kiddie’s playground.

Someone wins, others lose, and then there are those that have decided to bend a rule or two. Here are some serious playas. 

1. Getting on God’s good side

Learn the rules to see how they can work best for you, not the other way around. This guy on his way to masterdom.


Source: Sizzle

2. Mamma knows best… where to hide stuff

You’re her kid – most of the things you know, you’ve learned from her. Don’t act surprised when you’re outwitted.


Source: Twitter | @Ryan_McCran

3. Steal food, get schooled in decency. And caution for next time.

Sure it must’ve looked pretty tasty, that ham and cheese sandwich. But are you sure the person who made it washed his hands before making it?


Source: Reddit | SamuelFri

4. You should hone your life skills while still young.

That means you should learn to cover all tracks. Rule number 1: tweeting about it will get you in trouble, but kudos for the effort at least.


Source: Twitter | @shannonhay5

5. The mom with the eye for real art

We don’t know what she does for living, but it seems she can have a career in art of some sort. Maybe selling framed old oven doors.


Source: Twitter | @squinkyelo

6. Best friends have many uses.

Like provoking jealousy from your boyfriend who has not responded to that text from 5 mins ago, that self-centered… Oh, he was sleeping. Never mind.


Source: Twitter | @jadavenson_

7. Owning a cat does not have many perks in itself, but…

No need to spend thousands on polar bear fur. Nobody can call it fake from that close up shot.


Source: Twitter | @kenya_fuentes

8. When someone is that gullible, you just have to use the opportunity

Owning a washing machine has many positive sides. But one has to ask, is it really necessary?


Source: Twitter | @WAFCNathan

9. A good businessman knows how to find a niche market

There are people that are going to buy it, you need to market it properly. Next, pre-dipped Doritos, single-serving package.


Source: Instagram | @bagelrolls

10. Security cameras stop only the unseasoned party planner

Dad will need to worry about one more thing when he returns. Apart from blowing up his son’s college fund on the black jack table. But hey, it seems he doesn’t need college anyway.


Source: Twitter | @KevinMieles11

11. You need to know where to find game

This insurance salesman better have a deal on protection against parking tickets, and forgetfulness.


Source: Imgur | BooK689

12. There is always more than one side to a story

A master of spinning if we ever saw one. I so much want to know the description of the double bacon burger and fries with mayo.


Source: Instagram | @unilad

13. There is a solution to every problem, even the imagined ones

You just need to have the right approach and answer the issue in the same measure.


Source: Imgur | TedBuckley

14. Don’t dance with the devil if you can’t handle the burn

At least she had mercy. She could have laced the ham with laxatives. Wait… I’ll be right back, gotta go to the toilet real quick…


Source: Instagram

15. Never too late to get into the current fashion trend

Age should not be an excuse for many things. Many, not all.


Source: Instagram | @kalesalad

16. You need to be creative and come up with elaborate strategies

One phone, one (overdue) bill. Two, three? And plus overdue? You no playa, fo sho!


Source: Instagram | @kalesalad

17. There are many levels of jealousy. This is high up on the list.

Low levels can even be healthy sometimes. Other side of healthy is a diagnosis of some kind.


Source: Instagram | @nochill

18. Don’t rush your reply, never ever do that!

You have to take Tinder seriously. If someone writes to you, be polite, answer. But be careful what you say. Weigh your words carefully. Think hard if it is really what you want to convey as representation of your true self.


Source: Instagram | @kalesalad

19. It’s not that he doesn’t like people

He just has a lot of stuff to do, like fighting bad guys and such. He would love to stay more, it’s not that he’s socially challenged.


Source: Instagram | @nochill

20. Manipulating your surroundings does not have to have a bad meaning

A life-hacker worthy of winning the “Survivor”. Mad skillz.


Source: Instagram | @kalesalad

21. A crafty woman will always find a way to get hers

Sometimes while on a date, she will get dinner for her man at home. Take lessons, noobs.


Source: Instagram | @nochill

22. There are many ways to get what you like best

Rules were made to be broken, but only by those with enough wits for it.


Source: Instagram | @kalesalad

23. You want war? You’ll get war!

Appropriate response to the initial deed should keep the fair play. But hey, who are we to judge and stand in the way of such greatness?


Source: Instagram | @nochill

There are people that take it to next level.


24. That is just plain heartless, dude!

Have some pity for the little guys, come on. They, too, have their urges and needs, for Pete’s sake.


Source: Reddit | Jellofish12

25. When someone badmouths you, turn it to your advantage

Trip Advisor reviews can make or break you. Now, make me one big pepperoni to go, please.


Source: Reddit | Tokesu

26. Do this, get kicked in the face

There is a time and place for bad jokes: never, and certainly not on a trip to Paris with your girlfriend.

A precise roundhouse kick should land him in the river, girl!

proposing rule no1: no joking with it!

Source: Reddit | excel-ias

27. Big sis will take care of you, if you take care of her

Improvisation should be nurtured and passed on to younger generations. This one did well with the fake doll head and all.


Source: Instagram | @kalesalad

How do you measure up against these masters of manipulation?

Do you know some sneaky people that can match this? If they can’t, share this with them, let them learn a few skills.

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