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This Maternity Shoot Turned Into A Huge Surprise And She Couldn’t Be More Surprised


Maternity shoots are very popular lately for the moms that are expecting since they get to keep the pictures as memories for the rest of their lives. Plus they are very fun to do since the whole family gets involved. There goes a lot of planning too; wardrobe, makeup, photographer and last but not least, the weather.

This one couple, Jasmine and Rich decided to vlog their maternity shoot and post it on their channel named A Rich and Jazzy Life. But little did Jasmine know that it was going to be the best day of her life.

She had postpone the photo session because of the rainy weather, but the day finally came so as seen on the video down below, she’s going to Sephora to get her makeup done.

While Jasmine is inside of the mall, her boyfriend Rich takes over the video and tells the news. He’s going to propose to her and already got her father’s blessing to do so.

The only one who can hear his whole plan, is their baby daughter Reign in the backseat but the photographer was definitely on this too. When they arrive at the location Jasmine is dressed in pink while the photographer takes picture of the family pose after pose near the waterfall at the park.

For her to be even more surprised, she is tricked to pose with her back turned while Rich gets in one knee with the engagement ring in his hand. When he asks her to turn around, he pops the question. Jasmine’s reaction is so heartwarming!

A Rich and Jazzy Life

If this isn’t romantic as heck, I don’t know what is. It’s always so nice to see people making happy each other. Luckily, the whole story was caught on camera for us to see and them to remember. The couple welcomed another baby, Royce, in July.

Down below you can see the whole thing and especially Jasmine’s reaction to the surprise.

What do you guys think about this surprise?

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