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This Math Problem for 7-Year-Olds Is Going Viral


Do you know the answer to this math problem? It’s meant to be for second graders, but the whole internet is on fire over it since the U.K. mom Louise Bloxham tweeted the above photo. She wrote: “Have you seen this one? Year 2!!”

Since then hundreds of Twitter users are constantly trying to find the correct answer. They all agree that this math problem is too complicated for six and seven-year-olds. People from this social platform are arguing the answer is 46, while others are claiming it’s 65. Some even say the answer is 2.

All sorts of tricky questions and solutions are popping up. Netizens are coming up with hilarious theories.

“Obviously there are no people on the train in the first place!!! Did you even count the conductor? Did you?? Did the children whose question this was in the first place count the conductor? Should they have had to??” Is one perplexed commens.

Another commenter on the Parents Against Primary Testing page wrote, “The published answer for this is 65, so continue debating whether this is too hard.”

Source: Cosmopolitan, goodhousekeeping

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