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McDonald’s Arch Eyebrows Are Now A Thing, And We Can’t Even…


Makeup trends on the internet are just getting worse and worse. And, especially in the eyebrow department, I think they have reached rock bottom by this point. I’m sure most of you who follow these trends know that eyebrows seem to be the main focus. If these people’s eyebrows were humans, I would want to give them a hug.

So you’re wondering, “What could possibly be more ridiculous after all the insane eyebrow trends we’ve seen? Squiggle brows, wavy brows, feather brows and even the highly questionable Nike swoosh brows.”

Well, I’ll tell you. McDonald’s arch shaped brows! I wish I was kidding. Look at this crazy gallery from 9gag.


Now sure, this might be something that you like, but the idea and the execution just makes me question my faith in humanity.


And I can’t possibly think of what’s next on the agenda of these eyebrow trends.


They really don’t look that good. At all. If you ask me, anyway.

Thankfully, it’s not some sort of disgusting surgery that involves raising your eyebrows to extreme proportions. People are just covering up their natural brows and then painting on these hideous McDonald’s arch shaped ones.


Let’s take a look at the remaining photos and promise to ourselves that we’ll never try this.


Taking the McDonald’s part to the next level


A bit too… vertical


The only way I can see myself trying these is as a joke

Maybe those ladies that work at McDonald’s and talk to the children during special events should wear these brows.


I’m [not] lovin’ it!


A lot of makeup content producers are jumping on the bandwagon


Even guys are doing it

He kinda looks like a cartoon character here.


I’ll take the fries.


Some aren’t quite as thick…


But it can look cute if you pose correctly


What’s your opinion on this absurd new eyebrow trend? Let us know in the comments!

Source: 9gag

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