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There’s Actually A Reason Why The McFlurry Spoon Looks How It Does


Every fast food restaurant around the world has its own sweet treats on the menu that make it worthwhile the visit. And of course, if you’re talking about sweet treats at fast food places, you can’t go without mentioning the McFlurry at McDonald’s.

This is one of the best frozen sweet treats out there, and even though most people tuck into it without thinking all that much, there’s one thing that many other people ask themselves? Why does the special spoon that all McFlurries come with look like… well, how it does?

Believe it or not, there is actually a very good reason as to why the spoon has been designed to look like that.


For those of you who don’t  have McDonald’s where you live, the spoon that the McFlurry comes with has a very odd shape, particularly the hole in the top. Some people believed that the spoon doubles as a straw, but there’s no hole in the bottom. Is it just more plastic for extra durability?

Tons upon tons of questions have been asked, but a very small amount of people actually know the answer.


The reason why the spoon exists is due to the process of making a McFlurry. The McD employee, when making your treat, start by adding the ice cream to the cup, then the special flavor and finally the spoon.

When the spoon is attached, the machine then hooks into the spoon and spins it around to blend in the wonderful special ingredient into your ice cream. And that’s why the plastic piece in the top is there – it’s designed to attach to the machine that spins the McFlurry spoon to mix the special sauce into the ice cream and turns it into the frozen treat we all know and love.

There's Actually A Reason Why The McFlurry Spoon Looks How It Does

To end on a high note, here’s a video by YouTube user kaopoonn, showing how McDonald’s employees actually make a McFlurry, which was uploaded over 7 years ago and currently sits at over 7.6m views. The more you know.


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