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10 Weirdest Last Meals Requested By Death-Row Inmates

Jelly Beans

There’s an obvious darkness to reading about death-row inmates, the reason they’ve been sentenced and their psychological profiles.

But, since we live on the internet, and the internet has a way to create entertainment out of everything, we have the last meals of 10 people who were sentenced to death.

And what weird choices they made. We don’t even dare to imagine what its like to have one last choice to make, and for it to be about food. And when you make that choice, you leave people with question marks above their heads, because you ordered – a single olive?

strange food

This is what a prisoner did, after he was asked to choose his last meal. He was sentenced because he had kidnapped and killed a doctor who wouldn’t prescribe his medications, and when he was finally executed, they found the olive pit in his pocket.

How weird is that?

Source:List King

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