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Only 3% Of The People Have The Letter X On Both Their Hands – Here’s What It Means If You Have It


What would you do if someone came up to you and declared he could read your future just by reading your palm? Would that intrigue you or would you have a more skeptical approach and shrug them off with a laugh?

A person can determine your fate by reading your palm using practices known as palmistry and chiromancy. Different cultures have different variations of these practices but ultimately it comes down to the same technique.

A supervised research showed that a specific mark on a person’s hand might tell the reader about them.

As there are believers of this sort of practice, there are also doubters who are not so assured that their future can be foretold. They also believe that it is a bad luck to know your own future.

1. Palm reading goes way back in history


It is less known that palm reading is considered more than a superstition. Throughout history, we come across cases such as Alexander the Great’s who was foretold that he would achieve great things in his lifetime because his palm was covered with the letter X on.


Maybe it’s not a bad idea to check for that letter X on your palm. You may not turn out to be the next Alexander the Great, but according to research, your destiny may be paved with great things.


A research was conducted by STI University in Russia called “X Palm Mystery and Spirit Science Formula”. According to the research, people who had X on both their palms went on tho achieve great things in life.


There is a more interesting fact, one that states a number of influential political figures such as Russian president Vladimir Putin and Abraham Lincoln both had the letter X on their palms.


2. There are some intriguing characteristics of people who have these markings on their palms.


Frankly, these people possess unique characteristics. They can effortlessly achieve any goal they set without stopping until they achieve it. Success comes swiftly with these kind of people, even when they are not trying.


Great things are destined for these people, they are expected to live a life of fame and fortune.


They possess great intuition and have great awareness about the things they need in life and can easily differentiate between the good and the bad that comes in to their lives. Deceiving them is not something you will accomplish with an ease.


Say you succeed in deceiving them, but in doing so make sure they are already on to you or will find out as soon as possible, so you’ll have to face the consequences.


Looks can be deceiving. Don’t be so quick to judge these people and avoid picking a fight with them.


At first sight it may seem that they are self-centered and egoistic but believe they are in full control of their lives and can more than often offer a helping hand in bettering other people’s lives.


Moreover, these are the qualities that define the people who have the letter X on their palms: born leaders, quick-witted, successful and endearing.


3. There are also other features that come with being a great leader.

Three of them are vital to each great leader. The first is the trait of Humility. A true leader must always care for his or her people. People don’t tend to follow someone who only cares about themselves. Because fear is the primary weapon used when establishing a state of dictatorship.


In second comes positive energy. A great leader must be accustomed to all of life’s obstructions and obstacles and repel them with positivity. A true leader never goes down without a fight even when the stakes are low. That’s when they most rely on that positive energy.


The third and final one is that a true leader leads by example. This is connected to the previous trait about positive energy. The people always follow in their leaders’ footsteps, so a leader must not command what the people should do, but lead the way for them. A great leader always leaves a great legacy after them to be remembered for eternities to come.


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