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An Aspiring Mechanic Can’t Get A Job Because Of Interviewers Hitting On Her

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A mother of eight in her early thirties, who’s training to be a car mechanic has found herself in a bizzare predicament: employers find her too attractive to look at the CV.

Marie Buchan is from Birmingham. She has been trying to get job-training in a garage for a while now, but her quest always ends the same way – with prospective employers flirting instead of interviewing her for the position.

She appeared on This Morning and after telling her story, viewers were furious, blaming her for not taking a job as a carer and choosing benefits over it. ‘She’s spending her wages on a boob job instead of on her 8 children, priorities,’ said one angry viewer of Marie who has children aged 13 to two, as Daily Mail reports.

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Now she is sharing her story to raise awareness about sexism in the car industry. She finds it strange that in this day and age when women have virtually achieved equality in the police and army, they would still be treated so unfairly in garages and auto-part stores.

Are we still living in a world where a girl can’t become a mechanic if she wants to?

She hasn’t held back when describing her experiences while looking for training and work, saying that some men working are mechanics are “dirty, big perverts”.

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She might not have done herself any favors with some statements that are controversial to say the least, but Marie is just months away from finishing her education and getting a diploma. In the meantime, despite her experience while interviewing in the past, she still remains set on realizing her dream about carving out a career as a car mechanic in the near future.

People have been very strongly opinionated about this story, but still, can a girl get a break?

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