These 25 Easy Everyday Hairstyles Are Perfect For Medium Length Hair

Don’t you just hate when you wake up and literally hit snooze 3 times, realizing you have to get ready and your hair is a mess? You feel like hiding in your covers and never go out of there but still, that’s not an option. If you are struggling finding hairstyles for medium hair, that are very easy and quick to do in the morning, scroll down below and enjoy the list of a total 25 hairstyles compiled by.


1. Braided headband

Basically what you do here is make two thin braids on the side of your head and pin them across the top of your head while the rest of them you tie in a low bun.


2. Retro ponytail

Such a simple style for medium hair that takes only five minutes. Part your hair in the middle, tease down some hair at the crown of your head and tie all your hair in a mid-level ponytail for this chic look.


3. Pulled back

This look, sported by Marion Cotillard, is pretty easy too. Spritz some sea salt spray and part your hair down in the middle, pull all your front hair back and pin it at the center to achieve this elegant hair look.


4. Vintage curls

Just when you feel like you’re done with your hair, Kate Hudson steps in. To create this faux bob, apply some hair spray to your dry hair and put it in jumbo rollers overnight.


5. Wrap around ponytail

When you just feel like you are completely stuck with ponytails, add a twist to it. Wrap a section of hair around it’s base to hide the elastic view and that’s it.


6. Soft curls with bangs

If you want to recreate the iconic Alison look, cut your hair in some side swept bangs and lower half of your hair with a big barreled curler. Pin back your front hair and you’re finished.


7. Laid back

If you want to put minimum effort to do your hair, then just run a straightening iron a few times through your hair and flip it forward to give it more volume and bounce.


8. Ballerina bun

To achieve that ballerina aesthetic, place a hair donut at the end of the ponytail and roll it upwards to the base to roll your hair into a bun. Use some bobby pins and hairspray to set this hairstyle in place.


9. Messy pony

If you can’t find your hair brush, just spritz some hair spray over your hair, brush back with your fingers and tie your hair into a ponytail. Easy peasy!


10. French twist

Nothing is more elegant than a french twist. Apply a volumizing product, gather your hair to the back and roll it with an elongated bun. Secure the whole hairstyle with bobby pins and hairspray.


11. Amped up

Since Margot Robbie is so gorgeous we just have to get some hair inspiration from her. To achieve a messy hair look, prep your hair with volumizing mousse and texturizing spray. Tease some hair at the top and some at the front. Part your hair on one side and fluff it up with your hand for the perfect last touch.


12. Sleek

A very trendy hairstyle is the sleek hairstyle. All you have to to is straighten your hair until it’s straight and pin back half of it. Slick down the flyaways with smoothing serum.


13. The half updo

To create this half updo you have to add volume mostly at the crown. Backcomb the hair at the crown and spritz some hairspray. Smooth the top out and use bobby pins at the base of the puff. Set your hair with medium hold hairspray for the last step.


14. Elegant waves

If you have any business meeting anytime soon, this hairstyle is the answer. Start by applying a shine-boosting product and a heat protectant to your hair and then use a straightening iron to curl your hair gently.


15. Beachy waves

Use sea salt spray on your hair while it’s damp and keep scrunching it as it dries. You end up with luscious, voluminous and heat-free waves as beautiful as Mila’s.


16. Pin straight

If you want to look a little like Emma Stone, just bust out your straightening iron, smoothen out your hair and get it cut in some cutesy side swept bangs. That’s totally it.


17. Pouf

A classic pouf which can save the day if you’re running late. A little of backcombing, bobby pins, a spritz of hairspray and you’re done.


18. Romantic curls

To achieve the soft angelic look curl the lower half of your hair with a big 2 inch curling iron and part it on one side. Spritz some hairspray to finish.


19. Ponytail with side swept bangs

A ponytail looks perfect with some side swept bangs so start by using a large barrel curler to style your hair into some loose waves. Brush out your bangs and secure the rest into a ponytail. Before pulling your hair back into the pony, use some texturizing product to amp up this style.


20. Simple waves

A straightener can give you the simple wavy hair but if you don’t want to use heat, just roll up your hair into a bun while it’s damp and enjoy the waves when your hair dries.


21. Pulled back bangs

When your bangs go into that weird phase, you can opt for headbands and clips to take them off your face. Or, brush them to the back and spray strong hold spray on it. This will keep them in place!


22. Instant waves

If you are too lazy to use a curling iron then divide your hair into four sections and twist each section. Run a straightener over each twisted section and reveal your perfect waves. Ta da!


23. Wispy bun

To get this perfect style, finger comb your hair and tie it into a ponytail at the back of your head. Start backcombing to volume it up and wrap it around to create a bun. Secure the hairstyle with bobby pins.


24. Updo with a headband

To deal with your annoying bangs during the summer, start by applying a volumizing mousse to your hair, flip it forward to brush it down. Gently brush your hair back and place a headband. Gather your hair into a simple bun and secure it to your head with bobby pins.


25. Side bun

Part your hair on one side and try it out into a low side ponytail. While twisting it create a looped bun and pin it to your head with bobby pins. Perfect hairstyle for the medium length hair.


So, guys, what’s your favorite hairstyle? Let us know in the comments below and enjoy!

Source: stylecraze