Meet Air Force Mechanic Turned Bikini Model Hope Howard

Meet Air Force Mechanic Turned Bikini Model Hope Howard


There is always Hope. A former Afghanistan-based air force mechanic has turned into a fitness trainer and model after amassing half a million followers on Instagram.


Florida-based, Hope Howard finished high school and immediately joined the US Air Force. Her base station was in Afghanistan.
“I had an M-16 machine gun strapped to me pretty much 24/7,” says Hope.

She was in the army for seven years before she decided to quit and pursue modeling as a full-time job.


In reference to Afghanistan, she says that it had been “both the worst and best experience of my life, because I did an immense amount of growing and began to see the world differently”.
It was her grandmother’s death that moved her to follow her dreams.
“She was my most favorite person in the whole world and I started to give up on my dream again but then I remembered something very important,” says Hope.

“My grandma told me “You have to live your life no matter what.””

She did just that! Today, she is a high-profile bikini model and personal trainer. Hope strongly believes in the ‘give and be given’ ethics. She likes helping people and finds fitness to be just the right thing for that.
“This way I could have the best of both worlds. I could model while helping others.”


Her half a million followers wake up to a photo of her on their newsfeed every single day. The woman looks incredible by the way, and highly inspiring.
Instagram user divine_mbs commented under one of her photos:” Wow, incredible stomach and hips.”
One complemented her curvalicious bottom: ”That’s what the Rock calls CANDY ASS 😘😍”

She has a couple of tattoos that complement her perfect body as well. On some of the photos you might see a large piece covering most of her right side of the rib cage and the right hip.
She has a skull on her inner left arm.

On her webpage, she said that she had come from a poor upbringing but she managed to build an empire for herself just through sheer will and hard work.
“I don’t come from privilege and I know what it means to be poor but I’m not embarrassed about it. I’ve had to fight extremely hard to get to where I’m at and I have so much farther to go.”
You see, what I do is so much bigger then myself.”
Way to go girl!


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