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Meet The Casons: The Family With 18 Children


The Casons, from Indiana, are one of the largest families in the United States of America.

Christi and Dave Cason have an unbelievable 18 children and they are trying for their 19th. They are also proud grandparents, as their oldest daughter also gave birth several years ago. The size of their family has nothing to do with religious convictions, they just like it that way.

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The Casons, originally from Lake Elsinore, California, at some point needed more space for their ever-growing family, so they moved to a five-bedroom house in the State of Indiana. Dave goes out to work and provides for the family, while Christy stays home and manages the household, which includes going through seven loads of laundry each day.

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In this video, you will see the Cason household before Christi was about to give birth to their seventeenth child. For a while, she had had trouble conceiving and had two miscarriages after their 16th was born. After twenty months of unsuccessful attempts, Christi found out she was pregnant. Soon after the video was shot, their son Vaughn was born.

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The Casons have since had another child and they continue to live happily and update the world on what’s happening in their lives through their blog Their motto is “Yes, we know what causes it and we’ve gotten really good at it!”


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