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Meet The World’s Second Black Woman To Win A Beauty Pageant in Brazil – Raissa Santana!


The new Miss Brazil 2016  representing her country in the prestigious Miss Universe pageant is the gorgeous 21-year-old  Raissa Santana. The shocking thing about this beautiful lady is that she is only the second black woman in 61 years to be crowned as Miss Brazil and yes, ladies and gentleman, she is one hell of a contestant! (Check out her Instagram to assure yourselves Instagram/ Raissa Santana)

This beautiful, young lady, originally from the Southern state of Parana according to Plus55, has made history as the second black woman winning the title in the state of Brazil.


In this year’s competition 6 out of 27 contestants were black which is a much higher number of contestants compared to the previous years’ statistics. This number is not actually a fair representation as officially fifty four percent of the population in Brazil is black or multiracial.

Raissa, eager to spread diversity in her statement said the following:

“Diversity. We are all diversity, there is no word to define the human being, today I can be love, tomorrow I can be pain, then I can be faith, hope! There are no differences, that’s what makes us who we are!”

Also this ambitious beauty queen told the judges that she wanted to “break the 30 year fast” since the first black woman, Deise Nunes, won the contest in 1986.

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