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Megan Fox Shares Photo Of Her Son Wearing A Dress, And The Internet Is Shaming Her


You would think that being one of the most beautiful and talented actresses at your greatest years will bring you a perfect life. 31-year-old Megan Fox is more than perfect. Her outstanding looks on the red carpet have become a role model for many a makeup artist. Despite being a female sex symbol, she is also a dedicated spouse of actor Brian Austin Green and a mother of three as well. The pair has three sons: four-year-old Noah Shannon Green, three-year-old Bodhi Ransom Green, and 1-year-old Journey River Green, and just imagine the pressure from the public this family gets. It was just recently that the Transformers-star was spotted with her sons, but one of them was wearing something pretty unusual. A dress!


It was in 2015 after more than five years of marriage that the couple filed for divorce. However, just a year later, Megan was pregnant with their third child, Journey, and the couple decided to fight for their marriage.

A recent photo from Megan’s Instagram showed a picture of her oldest son, Noah, wearing a Frozen princess dress. This shocked many of her fans, but there were some who were more supportive as well. In fact, it is not the first time Megan goes out in public with her sons dressed in dresses. Earlier this year, in Los Angeles, in May, Megan was seen out with her two oldest sons, who were happily wearing dresses.



Noah was wearing a pink princess outfit, while Bodhi was wearing a tie-dyed, spaghetti strap dress over a shirt and a pair of shorts.



Again, some even complimented the actress. They said: ‘Megan Fox ain’t about enforcing gender roles on her sons.’ Others were far from kind.



An unnamed person commented: ‘why on earth has Megan Fox dressed her sons up as girls!! What a weirdo.’



The most recent photo of her kids on Instagram shows a collage of her three sons. It most obviously shows Noah wearing a blue Frozen dress along with what appears to be red lipstick.



A follower wrote: ‘If it was a girl wearing a Batman costume, everyone would applaud.’

Another fan wrote: ‘if the kid wants to wear a dress let him wear a dress!’



Megan has openly stated that she is a lot stricter with her kids than what most people would assume. However, her best role is probably sheltering her sons from negative influences.



In an interview, Megan said: ‘I want to deter them from being on social media because I think it’s detrimental. I have lots of opinions on this.’



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