Meghan And Kate Give Perfectly Adorable Curtsy To The Queen During Trooping The Colour

This Saturday, June 9, marks the annual Trooping the Colour event which is held in honor of the Queen’s birthday. (Well, her birthday is on April 21, but this is the public celebration.) During the event, the Royal Family rides in open-top carriages to Whitehall for the ceremony. Afterward, they gather in the Buckingham Palace Balcony to greet the crowds and watch the Royal Air Force fly past.

This year also marks Meghan’s first appearance in Trooping the Colour and her and Harry’s first formal event as newlyweds. Meghan officially joined the Royal Family three weeks ago when she married Prince Harry. This means, other than her new title as Duchess of Sussex, she got new family members as well. Namely, a brother-in-law in the form of William, and a sister-in-law in Kate.

The two Royal sisters-in-law looked adorable as they gave matching curtsies to the Queen while they stood at Buckingham Palace’s balcony. Prince Harry also bowed his head to show his respect for the monarch.




Meghan gave her very first curtsy to the Queen on Christmas Day – she was accompanied by Kate back then too. Both Kate and Meghan curtseyed as their husbands bowed their heads.

trooping the colour

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Kate Middleton seems to be just the right person to teach Meghan about Royal Family etiquette and ‘curtsy rules’ if I can call it that. She masterfully managed to train her daughter, 3-year-old Princess Charlotte who debuted her own adorable curtsy during the royal family’s tour in Germany and Poland this summer.

trooping the colour

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The Royal Family has a lot of rules. One of them indicates that a member of the royal family must always give a curtsy to someone with a higher rank than them. Which means that Meghan… will have to curtsy for basically everyone.

In addition to Queen Elizabeth, Meghan will be expected to curtsy to Prince Philip, Prince Charles and his wife Camilla Duchess of Cornwall. And yes, she’ll also be expected to curtsy for Prince William and Kate.

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Source: People