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Meghan Markle And Prince Harry’s Wedding Will Break All The Traditions!

We all know that one thing the British Royal family is really fond of are rules. There’s rules for everything: for marrying someone, for having a baby, for meeting the Queen, for everything! But one person who seems to be not at all partial to following said rules is soon-to-become member of British Royalty, Meghan Markle. The American actress is set to marry Prince Harry on the 19th of May, but apparently she is going to do it in her own way.

Meghan first rose to fame thanks to the legal drama series Suits, but her levels of popularity skyrocketed in recent months after the coming nuptials were announced. The world was taken instantly with the sweet and beautiful girl and everyone seems to want to know everything about her! The 36-year-old has already been pronounced a fashion icon and every outfit she dons flies off the shelves in a matter of minutes! And if the Brits needed another reason to love her, she is apparently going to do wonders for the British economy and tourism!


Rules? Never heard of ’em!

Following all of the Royal rules clearly isn’t on Meghan’s to-do list, as she demonstrated during her visit of Cardiff, the capital of Wales, on January 18. While there, she dared sign a few autographs! Unbelievable! And yet that was nothing compared to what’s to come: it’s the wedding that will see most of the rule-breaking. For starters, the very date it’s set to take a place on already defies tradition because it falls on a Saturday! Another point that is unusual when it comes to Royal weddings is that the bride comes from across the pond – something that hasn’t happened since the late 1930s!


Then there is the question of Meghan’s wedding dress. Apparently, it’s going to be… *whispers* white! What? A white wedding dress? Whoever has thought such a thing possible?! But I’ll tell you why it’s supposedly strange. The actress has already been married once before, and when a Royal wedding features a divorcee it’s usually a more subdued affair. And in this case, subdued means no pretty white wedding dresses.


Okay, is that all? No, no, no! We’re just getting started!

Next up is the fact that Meghan intends to give a speech at the reception, according to The Times. This is a trend that is taking wind in the United States, and in smaller measure in the United Kingdom as well, but it’s something never-before-done by a Royal bride.


So the bride is giving a speech. But what about the father of the bride? Isn’t giving a speech sort of his job? Yeah, well, maybe not in this case. Meghan’s father, Thomas Markle, is a former Hollywood lighting director, and being private and introverted, he isn’t likely to be willing to step into the spotlight and deliver a touching speech that will be witnessed by millions of people. At least that’s what the grapevine seems to think nowadays.


A source close to the Royal family told The Times, “The feeling is if Meghan’s father doesn’t speak for her, she wants to have the chance to thank her husband and everyone who has supported them. Harry thinks it’s a great idea.” Apparently, Meghan stepping up to the plate, or to the podium, as it were, is a decision that, while it breaks Royal protocol, makes the bride, the groom, and the father of the bride happy. So good on you, Meghan!


You wish you could learn more details about the speech?

You’re in luck, because of course there are sources who can reveal that! It is believed that with the speech Meghan will express her love and appreciation for the Royal family, thanking them for welcoming her with open arms and guiding her through the elaborate process of becoming Royalty. According to The Times, the actress will also include an “affectionate” tribute to her lovely Prince, and… wait for it!… “there may even be a couple of jokes”. What? Jokes? No way!


Even though Mr. Markle isn’t going to be giving a speech, he will still play an important role in the wedding. He is said to be the one who will walk the blushing bride down the aisle! But what about the mom? Meghan, who has a close relationship with her mother, is apparently not going to leave her without a prominent role in the ceremony. So, mom will also walk the blushing bride down the aisle… Reportedly.


Is that enough rule-breaking for you? What do you mean ‘no’? Fine then, here’s more.

Meghan and Harry’s wedding vows will also be altered. The bride’s promise to “obey” her husband will be left out of the traditional Royal vows. The scandal! Well, not really. This has been done before. In fact, Kate Middleton and Prince William did it when they got married back in 2011.


And let’s not forget the engagement photos! Those were quite different from previous photos taken by soon-to-be-wed Royal couples. This matter was discussed by Royal etiquette expert, William Hanson, who told E! News that the portraits “are very lovely but much more intimate. [They’re] not very royal, and I mean that in the nicest possible way. If you compare them to William and Catherine’s [engagement] portraits which were a little more formal and more traditional, these are pushing the royal boundaries, and probably for the better.”


Prince Harry is part of the wedding as well!

This whole “Meghan effect” has us so obsessed with the bride that we almost forget that she is only one half of the story. When it comes to Prince Harry, the insiders reveal that he has never looked happier. “Staff has been struck by how unbelievably happy they are together. They are having huge fun planning this. No one has ever seen Prince Harry quite like it,” the source told The Daily Mail.


The source had some more information to share with the world. Apparently, the wedding is going to be full of surprises, and the bride and groom have a few more hidden down their sleeves. The source said, “They have made it clear to royal staff that while normal protocol will be respected in terms of seating, invitations, and the guest list, they want their nuptials to be a ‘toned-down affair’ rather than one of starchy formality.” Well, that’s going to be one fun wedding!


So Meghan and Harry are throwing tradition out the window! It’s always good to make changes, because “staying the same means going backwards,” in the immortal words of a great champion. We wish the happy couple all the best and we cannot wait to see how amazing this Royal wedding is going to be!


Source: Auntyacid