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Will Citizenship Prevent Meghan Markle From Getting A Royal Title?

The question that has been on everyone’s mind lately is, can Meghan Markle become British Royalty as an American? Well, we finally have an answer – it depends on the Queen. (Who would’ve guessed, right?)

As TMZ reports, the problem is sort of complicated. Mainly, there are some contradictions involved in it – like any problem, you see. First, Kensington Palace informed the public that Meghan will have to abide by the laws just like everyone else. This means she will have to wait until she is eligible to apply for British citizenship, with the waiting period being up to 5 years. But that raised another conundrum – can she become a Duchess or a Princess (royalty, you see) WHILE she is still waiting for her citizenship?

And this is where Queen Elizabeth comes in. Trusted sources from the Buckingham Palace told TMZ that it’s all up to the Queen and that basically… the Queen can – if the Queen wants – put a crown on anyone’s head, regardless of their status of citizenship.

Which makes sense, honestly, for a number of reasons. The British Empire, was, as the title says – an empire; it had hundreds of millions of subjects all around the world. Colonies, territories, you name it, so naturally, citizenship, as a modern requirement, meant pretty much nothing to the British Empire of old.

And secondly, well, that’s what Kings and Queens do. They have executive power to decide over matters like this and cut through otherwise unsolvable problems, you see.

Even the matrimony of Harry and Meghan itself would have been impossible some years ago, as the 36-year-old actress is a divorcee; the precedent which changed this, as well, was set by Queen Elizabeth II when she allowed Prince Charles to marry Camilla Parker-Bowles.

So, to conclude, it’s up to Queen Elizabeth. She can make Meghan Markle royalty, regardless of her citizenship, if she wishes so.

Damn, now I wish my country had a Queen too.

meghan markle

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Source: tmz