First Lady Melania Trump Maкes A Great Santa Claus At Charity Event

First Lady Melania Trump Makes A Great Santa Claus At Charity Event

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Hey, it’s the Holiday Season, and the government is celebrating too. Being still early for Santa Claus, first lady Melania Trump had to jump in and replace everyone’s favorite grandpa in Washington, D.C.

The always stylish President’s wife, now forty-seven, even dressed fittingly for the festive mood. As reported by the Daily Mail, she wore a soft coat made of green wool as she sorted through gift boxes on Wednesday. Melania was taking part with the “Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots” campaign, which had the goal of giving Christmas gifts to children whose parents couldn’t afford to buy them.

So, in actuality, a real modern-day Santa Claus!


Melania Trump took a special trip to meet children and their parents.


The First Lady wore a green-pea colored coat, rocking tight-fitting tan pants.


Needless to say, the former model and now first lady looked good. Her silky brown hair fell loose around her shoulders, made only more noticeable by minimal jewelry glints.

The “Toys for Tots” program has already provided much joy and toys for millions of children around the USA since it was established during the 1940s. Melania, on the other hand, looked happy and having a good time as she sat smiling with kids, helping them make holiday cards and unwrapping toys.

The first lady was a true mother on Wednesday.

Smiles all round!


The children, too, dressed for the occasion, wearing Santa hats.


Melania did her job excellently.


Even gave a little girl a high-five!


Great job, first lady!


The kids loved her.


Being a mother herself, motherly hugs aren’t a stranger to her.

What’s in the box? Hmm, let’s see…


At one point, Melania even picked up three-year-old Mehreem Donahue…


And sat her down on her lap, so they could make cards together.


Then, picking up a marker, the first lady started decorating too.




Later, Melania also gave a speech to the troops and their children at the base.


She reminded them of their gifts – their service and sacrifice for their people, their country and their nation.

Source: Dailymail

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