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Men’s Hairstyle Tutorial: Messy Quiff


Nice to quiff you, sir!

We all like to talk about how women love to style their hair, and we also love to show you different videos on certain female hairstyles.

That said, men aren’t left out of this trend, either. Men also like to style their hair and make it look nice, no matter the length.

It’s always fun to see men with really long hair, but even those with shorter hair look great when their hair is taken care of properly.

One of the most popular men hairstyles is the quiff.


This video showcases how to achieve a messy quiff hairstyle, if you’re just starting out as a barber/hairdresser. It also shows the guy’s transformations from short locks to the aforementioned messy quiff.


As you can see from the picture above, it’s certainly an interesting transformation.

While many of you reading this post or watching the video may not be interested in becoming an up-incoming hairdresser, you should definitely check out this video nevertheless.

Source:Slikhaar TV

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