Men Would Rather Hang Out With Their Mates Than Their Missus


Hello everyone. This is probably not going to surprise many of you, but most men would rather hang out with their mates than their missus.

As a woman, I can relate to this and pretty much confirm this. As I am an especially irritating person. I must say that I have been sacked off for much less than best buds. In fact, here is a list of things my exes sacked me off for:

* picking up weed
* a darts competition
* church
* hanging out with his ex
* helping his mum pick out new garden furniture

Just… lie.


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6/10 fellas would rather hang out with their pals than their significant other, which makes sense if you want my opinion. With your crew, the boys are not going to scream at you for leaving your shoes in the middle of the living room. If they do you can leave. Your boys are not going to text you a 500-word essay on why you are selfish and rude.

Carnivore Club surveyed 2,000+ American men. The results showed that more than half of those polled said they spend more time laughing with their best buddy than they do with their significant other.

36 percent of men would consider breaking up with their partner if they did not approve of their bff.

So even if you hate them, just pretend.



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