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When The Time Comes For Your Menopause, Prepare To Experience These Things


Menopause is something that women don’t exactly look forward to. While people may tell you that it’s all natural and part of being a woman, it’s anything but fun and enjoyable. When the time inevitably comes for you to go through the menopause, here are 20 things you can look forward to.

1. You start to cry at daytime TV shows

All of your hormones are making you go insane, meaning that you cry at basically anything.

When The Time Comes For Your Menopause, Prepare To Experience These Things 1

2. Hair is everywhere

For some ridiculous reason, the menopause always seems to make hair appear in ridiculous places all over your body, because that seems fair.

When The Time Comes For Your Menopause, Prepare To Experience These Things 2

3. Sleepless Nights

Insomnia that relates to menopause is real and it’s awful. You simply can’t sleep and you’re really hot.


4. You want chocolate

When you get five minutes on your own, you find yourself dreaming about chocolate. All the chocolate. In the world.


5. You start gaining a crap ton of weight

It’s either because you ate all that chocolate you dreamt about, or maybe it’s because your metabolism showed a fatal error and stopped working.


6. Sometimes, you can’t remember your own name

Literally. You forget the most basic of things.


7. And, you get scared that it’s left you for good

Most people are often scared that they might permanently forget stuff.


8. You start breaking out like a teenager

Acne and pimples appear all over your body as if you’re 15 years old again. How nice!


9. You start saying exactly what’s on your mind

Like, seriously, you don’t control what comes out of your mouth. You just let it all exit your brain, and sometimes, that can get you into some trouble.


10. Parts of your body start to swell

You no longer have petite feet, and your ankles will swell as if you were an elephant.


11. Mood swings are everywhere

One minute you’re fine, but the next minute, you could be threatening to kill someone. You can literally go through five emotions in a span of 2 minutes.


12. You get really emotional

You might get someone to give you a hug to comfort you, but they’ll immediately find themselves getting slapped across the face.


13. You struggle to stop saying snide comments


14. You sometimes feel like you’re actually going insane

You’ll forget what happened this morning and you need some chocolate.


15. Hot flashes, hot flashes, hot flashes


16. You’re so hot that you would rather sit in the fridge


17. You sweat more than you thought humanly possible

Like, literally, there’s water dribbling behind you everywhere you go. It’s awful.


18. You still retain water somehow

Even if you sweat like a pig, you still somehow have a water retention problem.


19. Eat, eat and eat some more

You’re always on the lookout for food.


20. You’re always on the war path

No one should stand in your way. If you’re in one of your bad moods, people should just stand back.


Anger is now your middle name, which means that no one should stand in your way ever! When you’re in one of your moods, people better run!


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