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Mermaid Lashes Are The New Instagram Craze And It’s All About Colors


If you are like me, you are probably sick of doing your lashes in one color. Ever since I was a kid, I wanted my lashes to be in all colors of the rainbow! I just couldn’t realize that black as the only trendy color. And, then, extension lashes came along, but nothing really changed! We did have a bit of choice with green or brown, but nothing could compare to the delight I felt seeing these ones. Mermaid lashes are the new Instagram hit and I’m sure some can agree this is a good one! I am already in love with them.

Just when you thought that mermaids were long forgotten, here comes another trend that might make you feel like Ariel all over again. With these eyelashes, you can become your favorite Disney princess and make your life more colorful.

These colored eyelash extensions are the real proof that you can become anything if you really want to.


Source: Instagram | @mikitemonet

Eyelash extensions aren’t a new trend and have been around for ages. But, these probably didn’t satisfy your wild mermaid spirit, am I right? Just look at the picture below and try not to drop your jaw!


Source: Instagram | @sungodz_wave_microblading_lash

As a matter of fact, now you can go to a saloon that offers these beautiful rainbow falsies! Childhood memories revived!


Source: Instagram | @bossbeautybynikki

For instance, you can ask for a gorgeous combination of darker and lighter purples mixed with light blue lashes. I’m in love with this one! SO subtle, yet, so dreamy!


Source: Instagram | @alibeauchamp.mua

Another great point is that you can choose your curl shape, the length of the lashes, and finally, all your favorite colors!


Source: Instagram | @lashco_studio

It does look like so many people opted for the purple color, though! Like a real mermaid, you can do it, too!


Source: Instagram | @beautyandgrace_sa

If you still want to go all natural, here are some tips to make your eyelashes grow naturally.

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