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A Mesmerizing Time-Lapse Shows How Braces Straighten Crooked Teeth


We are aware of the fact that braces are a common orthodontic option used to straighten teeth for people who have crooked teeth. However, it doesn’t happen magically over a few days. Sometimes, you need to wear braces for more than 2 years if you want to have perfectly straight teeth. And the process is long and can’t be seen by the naked eye. That’s why watching time lapses of braces making subtle shifts on your teeth is so insanely cool and amazing.

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Redditor Whoshabooboo posted a time-lapse GIF on the subreddit /r/DamnThatsInteresting, captioning it What braces do. It presented the braces straightening procedure of an 11-year-old girls’ extremely crooked teeth, over the course of 18 months.

It soon went viral and it now has more than two million viewers views and more than 500 comments from other Reddit users.

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Actually, the GIF is sourced from a very satisfying video produced by the American Association of Orthodontists. It’s incredibly mesmerizing to watch. The video starts with an explanation that the patient was 11 years old at the time her braces were put on and that her treatment lasted a total of 18 months.

Braces are impressive little gadgets that over time, will shift your teeth to the perfect position giving you the smile you always wanted. Braces have four basic parts. They are made of metal or ceramic, bonding material that acts like a glue, a thin metal wire and a small colored elastic that holds the bracket onto the archwire.

Your teeth will shift when the archwire puts pressure on the brackets and teeth. Braces apply constant pressure, which over time, move teeth into their proper positions. And although this may be true, occasionally adults may need to wear headgear. This is something similar to a facemask, attached to the braces. According to the American Dental Association with time even the most wayward incisors and molars creep into perfect alignment.

See the 11-year-old’s dramatic smile transformation in full in this video.

Source: thisisinsider

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