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Seems Like Katy Perry Took The Met Gala Theme Pretty Well


This year, Katy Perry went full steam at the Met Gala theme. She had a very interesting choice in her outfit, which looks like something your mom would have thrown together in a panic the night before costume day at school. But the singer followed the theme to the letter. Well done Katy and you Met Gala spirit!

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Rei Kawajubo was the artist who Katy Perry paid homage to. She went for a custom design of a sheer gown that was made of red tulle and silk chiffon. It was a Margiela Artisinal creation by designer John Galliano.

The theme at the  Met Gala this year was  Comme des Garçons: The Art of the In-between, in homage to 74-year-old Japanese designer Rei Kawajubo.

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Kawajubo founded the Comes de Garçons label in 1969, making creations to look like sculptures. She said before: “Personally I don’t care about function at all’ which seems evident if you look at the Met Gala attendees’ attire.

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Rihanna gave it her best this year too by looking absolutely gorgeous in this swatched suit.

This was the first time that the gala paid homage to a living designer since 1983. Yves Saint Laurent was the last one to be honored.

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Fashion designer Rei Kawakubo’s dresses presented during The Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute’s 2017 Exhibition. Kawakuno’s Art of the In-Between has eight themes; Absence/Presence, High/Low, Fashion/Antifashion and Object/Subject.

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Katy had to set a good example with her outfit and it looks like she nailed it. On the other hand, Kim Kardashian played it pretty cool with her white dress this year while husband Kanye didn’t show.

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P Diddy upstaged everyone including Katy Perry and Kim, when he reached the red carpet and lay down deciding to make it his own.

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So inspiring. This one goes on the “best outfit” list.

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Kim keeping everything simple is so cute.

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Can you see how good blue looks in  Jennifer?

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Couple goals everyone!

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