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These Two Met In Preschool, And 20 Years Later They Got Married


Aren’t preschool crushes just the cutest thing? You meet your friend’s kid, you ask them “So, do you have someone?” and they’ll enthusiastically respond with “Yes! I have a boyfriend/girlfriend!”, and then they’ll enthusiastically go on about how they met their “crush” and how much they “love” each other, all with a sparkle in their eyes.

Of course, preschool crushes in most cases end after preschool finishes, but for Laura Scheel and Matt Grodsky, this wasn’t the case at all.

“One of my very first memories is of being 3 years old and standing up in front of my pre-school class, declaring that I would marry her someday,” Matt told the media.

After preschool, they didn’t hear from each other until freshman year of high school when they retouched through a mutual friend, and within two weeks they were together again, and now, Matt has decided to keep to his pre-school pledge, and the two got married in December of 2016. If you have any doubts about eternal love, and if this doesn’t rectify that, I don’t know what will.

More info: Instagram (h/t: huffingtonpost)

These Two Met In Preschool, And 20 Years Later They Got Married 1

They have been featured on an Instagram page dedicated to cute couple stories, @thewaywemet, and the post has since received well over 27k likes

These Two Met In Preschool, And 20 Years Later They Got Married 2




So, there’s hope for love!


Source:Laura Scheel Grodsky

“We did almost everything together [in preschool],” Laura recalls.


Source: Laura Scheel Grodsky

“I remember trying to impress her during a Cinco De Mayo celebration at the preschool where we were trying to break open a piñata,” Matt recalls.


Source:Matt Grodsky

“Fortunately, I was the kid who managed to do it and I assume it got her attention”


Source:Laura Scheel Grodsky

And it looks like he still has her attention now.


Source: Laura Scheel Grodsky

In May 2015, he popped the question in… their preschool classroom. How incredibly fitting.


Source: Matt Grodsky

“The whole car ride to the preschool she kept asking me why I seemed anxious,” Matt said.


Source:Laura Scheel Grodsky

“I kept checking my pocket when she wasn’t looking to make sure the ring was still there” he also reported.


Source:Laura Scheel Grodsky

“I dropped down on one knee while my brother came in with the phone, snapping photos,” Matt said.


Source:Laura Scheel Grodsky

“Laura was shocked” he reported.


Source:Molly McElenney photography

“I gave her my pitch on why I wanted her to marry me and she said yes ― whew!”


Source:Molly McElenney photography

In December 2016, they got married.


Source:Molly McElenney photography

It’s almost like a real life fairy tale romance.


Source:Molly McElenney photography

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