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Mia Khalifa Gives A Flirtatious Instagram Shoutout To Married NBA Star Stephen Curry


When it comes to social media apps, especially Instagram, celebrities are present a lot. In the past, we couldn’t possibly know what they are doing every single day, but thanks to Instagram, and all other social media apps for that matter, we sure know what they are up to nowadays. Many of them share their most intimate moments of their private lives and then, every once in a while, we get to see a secret revealed. Maybe a juicy scandal. Or a romantic relationship… In this case, it was about 29-year-old Stephen Curry’s fetish. The 24-year-old Lebanese American social media personality Mia Khalifa caused an uproar when she posted a flirtatious shoutout to Stephen. Why would she do this?

The Golden State Warriors NBA player is the greatest shooter in NBA history according to many players and analysts. He even helped the Warriors return to the NBA finals in 2017 for the third time. There he won his second NBA championship. Apart from his many talents, according to his wife, 28-year-old Ayesha Curry, Steph has a foot fetish. She revealed this only on The Real talk show, saying that her husband adores her feet. But she didn’t expect this coming. The former porn star Mia was quick to get attention on her Instagram profile.

On Oct. 17, Mia posted a cute photo of her manicured feet by the fire. This was a flirtatious shoutout to Stephen Curry, as he obviously has a foot fetish! Is she after him or what? The wife is certainly not pleased to see this.

Ayesha told the talk show panel:

“My husband really loves my feet. And so, like, the light was hitting them just right that day, and so I was like, ‘Let me just snap this photo and send him a picture of my feet! So when he says to ‘send nudes’, that’s what he’s getting – a picture of my bare feet.”


Okay, its great that now we know he loves feet, but what about Mia’s shoutout?


Maybe Mia was trying to tease Steph about his fetish, posting the picture. She shared this ‘NSFW’ picture to Twitter, simply writing ‘S’up @StephenCurry30?’

And the internet was shocked. But Ayesha was maybe the most shocked of them all. “Ayesha thinks Mia’s picture was incredibly disrespectful,” an insider close to Ayesha told HollywoodLife.com.

“Mia acts like she’s not a porn star anymore, but with low-class moves like this she’s showing her true colors. Ayesha was really disturbed when someone showed her the online flirting by Mia. Steph is a good father and family man. Ayesha feels that in this day and age when women are being sexually harassed, they are supposed to be supportive of one another. It’s terrible that Mia would do something like this. Ayesha isn’t about to play games either — Mia better respect her and her marriage or she will be dealt with.”

This is not the first time Mia calls out guys.


She did it with Washington Wizards star, Gilbert Arenas, but he publicly aired her direct messages. The former NBA All-Star posted a screenshot of the messages to his Instagram account, which showed how she messaged him on several occasions between October 2-6.

According to the screenshot, former adult film actress Mia, first messaged Arenas to see if he’d like to ‘grab dinner or something’.

One day later, she sent him wine glass emojis followed by a question mark. Two days later, she asked him if he was going to catch a hockey game.

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