9 Drastic Changes That Show Michael Jackson’s Facial Transformations

Famous entertainer, musician and dancer Michael Jackson, who was the best selling artist during the year of his death in 2009, will forever be missed. During a hugely successful career, however, not everything was easy for the pop icon. During the height of his fame, he went through a lot of changes in his appearance and ended up looking totally different from when he started out. Here are 9 drastic changes on the face of the unforgettable singer and actor made throughout his life, collected by FeedGag.

1. As a teenager

At this time he already had three solo albums out and one number one hit song titled Ben


2. First plastic surgery

Michael underwent his first plastic surgery when he was 21 years old, after he broke his nose during rehearsals. This is when it all started.


3. Same but different

Looking good after the release of his best-selling album Thriller. Here he changed his hairstyle and his nose… again!


4. Suffering from vitiligo

Even though he declared he was suffering from vitiligo – a condition where the pigment is lost from the skin – Jackson reportedly bleached his skin and underwent more corrective procedures.


5. Becoming addicted

Rumors have spread about what was described as an addiction to plastic surgeries. Eventually, Michael looked totally unrecognizable, with his nose and face looking different almost every time he made a public appearance.


6. On and on

Looking different again!


7. Not totally honest

He said that he only had nasal plastic interventions, but the public never really bought that story.


8. The mask

There was a period when we could only see him behind a mask which covered his face, while his chin, lips and cheekbones looked different again.


9. No filters

This facial reconstruction shows him how a grown-up Michael Jackson would have looked like without any plastic surgery.


Source: feedgag