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Michelle Obama Finally Shows Her Natural Curls And Inspires Other Women To Do The Same


After eight years in the White House, Michelle Obama can finally let her hair down. Literally. After leaving their residence of almost a decade back in January, the Obamas have set out to do all those things that time restraints or protocol forbade them doing during Barack’s time in office.

And for Michelle, those things include going back to the natural appearance of her hair! A Twitter user posted a snap of the former First Lady with her natural curls, and the internet was thrown into a frenzy.


During Barack Obama’s two terms as President, his wife always had her hair straightened while many people online were keeping their fingers crossed that there would be an event where the First Lady would appear with unstraightened hair.

Perhaps because of protocol, it was not meant to be, but now that the Obamas can plan everything independently, those wishes have finally been granted.

Twitter user meagnacarta, posted a snap of Michelle rocking the natural look and it seems to have caused a real stir.

The caption said:

This is the picture I have been waiting on for like 3 years. COME ON NATURAL.

Obviously, many Twitter users felt the same way, as the post from the 2nd of April received almost 100,000 likes and was retweeted almost 35,000 times.

A good number took the chance to once again reiterate their frustration at the 53-year-old spending 8 years without ever gracing the public eye with her natural locks.

“Throughout the eight years of her husband’s presidency, Michelle Obama wore her hair relaxed, straightened and blown out as First Lady,” Elle magazine pointed out.

“We’ve seen her sport the pin-straight lob, the pulled-back updos and wavy tresses, but we’ve never seen her hair in its natural state.”


Some writers identify prejudice and ingrained beliefs as the reason behind the doubts that a black woman with natural hair might be considered unprofessional. In the case of the wife of the US President, such risk is perhaps too great to take.

When Danielle DeCourcey, a writer at the website ATTN: did a Google image search of “unprofessional hair,” most of the photos that popped up were of black women with natural hairstyles. When she Googled “professional hairstyles,” the overwhelming results were photos of white women with straight hair.


But this recent post-White House change Michelle has undertaken might be inspiring other women to go down the same path.

Ayana Lage, a writer for Bustle claims the last time she saw her hair in its natural state was twelve years ago, when she was 11. Now, she says the former First Lady has inspired her to go back and free those locks.

“I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to consider giving my natural hair a chance … but seeing that photo sparked the beginning of change of heart within me — not to mention a boost of confidence,” Lage writes in her latest essay.

“If Michelle Obama can wear her natural hair as she pleases after years of not doing so, maybe I can, too.”


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