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Michelle Obama’s Post-White House Outfits Are Fun And She Is More Beautiful Than Ever


Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama, despite being the first African-American First Lady, is more than just the wife of Barack Obama. She is an American lawyer and writer who was one of the most influential First Ladies of the United States from. Married to the 44th President of the United States, she wrote and became history. The 53-year-old lady left the White House a couple of months ago, but let’s look at her now. She is more beautiful than ever!

Did you see those pictures of Barack Obama using an iPad to snap her picture on a yacht?


Source: AFP/Getty Images

Remember Valentine’s Day and the picture of her with her toes in the sand, basking in the sun with the love of her life?


Cuter than ever.

Also, that candid picture of hers, showing her simply walking her two dogs.

Now she doesn’t have to worry about the eyes of all Americans and how to get dressed every single day. That, in fact, is what makes her even more beautiful. She looks so well-dressed now!

Here is a picture of her with her husband in Italy. Her army green cargo palazzo pants and the off-the-shoulder white top are so cool!

It wouldn’t be a surprise if Michelle would produce a fashion line, because of her great influence on fashion and women nowadays.

Even though she isn’t the Fist Lady anymore, the eyes of her fans are constantly following her. But, lucky for her, she doesn’t have such a strict dress code now and she can dress whatever she likes. The fact is that her fashion taste is so sophisticated.

The day before the army green pants, she was photographed in Italy wearing a pink off-the-shoulder top (which goes for $397) and white ripped pants.

Her looks are radiant now.

At some other more official events, you can see her shining once again. To a health summit earlier this month, Obama showed up in black pants, a long striped shirt, and a chunky black leather belt.


Source: Alex Wong/Getty Images

Michelle is so unique that she also adores her casual style. Here is her casual outfit she wore in early May.


Source: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

She wore gray skinny jeans, a gray Stanford T-shirt, a gray cardigan, and sneakers. Adorable! Now we can finally see her casual outfits more often.

She still loves dressing up, though. When her husband accepted a John F. Kennedy Profile In Courage Award (also in early May), she glammed up, wearing a deep blue one-shoulder gown with gigantic jewel earrings.


Source: Pool/Getty Images

We can proudly claim that Obama looks stunning in all of her outfits.


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