You Might Be Wearing Your Bra Completely Wrong



We love our bras, they give us support, we choose them with delight in all their colors, designs, and sizes, and then we hate them when they start to itch or get tight in unimaginable places. No big deal, the normal bra life.

But do we sometimes make the wrong choice, just because we saw a gorgeous glittery bra? You know, the same one that you overpaid for, and it will become the spawn of Satan in the evening? The one we want to get rid of with a baseball bat?

Focus on comfort, not looks. After all, there are so many varieties, we bet you’ll find a cute one that supports well.

First thing you have to know.

Your size.

Grab some measuring tape, follow along, and make sure you don’t commit any of these mistakes that could prevent your boobs from looking, and more importantly feeling, their best!

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1. Don’t Cheap Out.

Let’s be honest, you’ll be wearing that one bra you wear all the time and occasionally replace with that other one bra. Every woman is guilty of this one, and it’s true, we fall in love with one, or two bras and end up wearing only them.

So why not spend a little more on those two favorite bras instead of buying 10 cheap ones? You’ll get support, you’ll get heavenly materials, you’ll be happy. It doesn’t have to be a saphiry-emeraldy Victoria’s Secret bra. But try not to buy a $3 one.

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2. Watch That Bra Strap.

If it’s riding up your back, the bra is too small. If it’s too loose, it will stretch as you wear it. Make it just right. You’ll feel the difference.

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3. Speaking Of Cups…

Not too big, not too small. You know very well how ugly it can look if the cups don’t fit well. Do you want your boobs to bulge out of your bra? Do you want space under your shirt?


Then choose the right cup. You only need a little time trying on different cups to see which one is perfect for you.

Next, we’ll look at the less obvious points of contact to see if that bra is right for you.

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4. Take A Bite Out Of The Bulge.

Bulging looks good on screen, looks great in Playboy, but your boobs will hate you, and soon you’ll hate everyone, because, if anything’s bulging – it’s too damn small.

However, if you have the right size and there is still bulging happening, you may need a model that distributes the weight better.

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