Mihaela Noroc: Dreams, Camera And Resilience

Mihaela Noroc: Dreams, Camera And Resilience


The story of Mihaela Noroc, the thirty-one-year-old Romanian-born photographer is one of dreams, will and resilience.
Her father was a painter, so she was always surrounded by art. At the age of sixteen, she had her first encounter with as a photographer, but she says that she had to work several different professions in order to earn a decent living.

“I felt insecure about my work and that’s why I quit photography for a while. I ended up working in other fields, just for money, and photography remained just a dream,” says Mihaela.

Source:The Atlas of Beauty

It was eleven years later that she realized that she was not going to toil her life away working jobs that didn’t make her happy, had nothing to do with the matters of heart and required almost the same or much more effort.

She started traveling with nothing but a backpack and a camera, and this is how her project, The Atlas of Beauty, was born.
Namely, it is a series of high-quality photographs of women she meets all around the world, captioned doing their daily activities, the setting being their immediate vicinity and the nature of their respective countries.
Topping more than one million followers on Facebook her art project received major recognition as soon as mass media took over.
Her project constitutes women from 45 countries, with diverse racial, national and religious backgrounds.

Each and every post on her Facebook page consists of a photograph of a woman as well as her personal experience of meeting that same woman. She talks candidly about her subjects, and you can tell by the way these women gaze deeply into her lens, that they share a great rapport.

“The portraits from The Atlas of Beauty can challenge many misconceptions that exist around the world, and it’s not just about women that I photograph, but also about other ordinary women in the world that see the photos and understand how special they are,” she said.

Mihaela is a photographer who can grasp the attention of her subject. I feel that it’s her open-mindedness and patience that allow her that. Her artistic vision, her eye if you will, is like that of the tiger, praying behind tall grass, observing his pray and its antics.

She knows very well the burden that these women hold in their souls. After they’ve been ‘captured’, they look so liberated and comfortable in their own skin.

Her book The Atlas of Beauty Book will be launched in September 2017, in more than 50 countries.

Source: The Atlas of Beauty

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