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Mila Kunis And Ashton Kutcher Are No Longer Giving Christmas Presents To Their Kids


Sorry to break it to you, but if you have been following the dream-like, fairytale couple that is Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, you will be a bit shocked, or disappointed at least. The couple have been married since 2015, and they have two kids. But they don’t really like to follow the Christmas tradition of giving presents to their little ones anymore. What?! Yeah, this controversial decision is quite normal to both of them, and they have their reasons.


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They starred in That ’70s Show together and then continued being friends after the show ended. One day, however, something happened and they realized they were meant for each other. The 34-year-old and 39-year-old are proud parents since 2014.


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The Family Guy voice actress gave birth to her daughter Wyatt Isabelle in October 2014, whereas her son Dimitri Portwood Kutcher was born in November 2016. He is almost one now.


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According to Mila, as parents, the actors are committed to raising well-rounded and polite children.

“Yeah, we’re not gonna raise a**holes. There’s enough a**holes in this world!” she joked.
In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Mila shared that she and Ashton have started a new tradition: not giving their kids Christmas presents.


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She also explained that she doesn’t want to raise spoiled children. It’s great that she wants them to appreciate what they have. isn’t she amazing?


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“So far, our tradition is no presents for the kids,” she said for the media. “We’re instituting it this year because when the kids are [younger than] one, it doesn’t really matter. Last year when we celebrated Christmas, Wyatt was two and it was too much. We didn’t give her anything — it was the grandparents. The kid no longer appreciates the one gift. They don’t even know what they’re expecting; they’re just expecting stuff.”

“We’ve told our parents, ‘We’re begging you — if you have to give her something, pick one gift. Otherwise, we’d like to take a charitable donation, to the Children’s Hospital or a pet [or] whatever you want.’ That’s our new tradition.”

It is a bit of a drastic change, but can you really blame them?


Here are some things that make them the cutest Hollywood couple.

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