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Milabu’s Three Easy Heatless Hairstyles For Those With Hair Extensions

Braided Hair with Hair Extansions

If you’ve been following us for a while, you know our go-to channels when it comes to hairstyles. One channel that we don’t hold back on mentioning quite a bit is Luxy Hair.

But, it’s like they say, life is boring if you keep doing the same thing over and over again, you got to switch it up sometimes. If that’s how you feel towards us and our love towards Luxy Hair, then don’t worry, we have found a new channel for hairstyles.

Milabu is the latest channel for hairstyles that we have found. And yes, I know, the name is an anagram of Malibu, but that doesn’t really matter so let’s skip that.

Milabu is here with three easy heatless hairstyles, if you have hair extensions!

Easy HEATLESS Hairstyles With Hair Extensions 1

By the way, just in case you miss the presence of Mimi or Elaina from Luxy Hair in some way, Mila here is wearing Luxy Hair extensions. So, moral of the story, Luxy Hair is omnipresent amongst hairstyles.

Anyway, Mila of Milabu (I’m guessing that’s her name) has three easy hairstyles that require no heat, for you to try.

The first one being the braid crown you saw above

Easy HEATLESS Hairstyles with Hair Extensions 2

The second one is what she calls “topsy tails”, with an optional fishtail braid

Easy HEATLESS Hairstyles with Hair Extensions 3

That’s another thing I should mention. This lady actually went through the effort of giving each one of these hairstyles names, which makes my job easier!

And the last one is a half top knot with two braids.

Easy HEATLESS Hairstyles with Hair Extensions 4

*stammering* And that’s all folks! Nope, cartoon reference aside, these hairstyles are really interesting and are definitely worth a try, so if you have extensions and you want to make the best of them, check out how Milabu did these hairstyles in the video below:


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