Miley Cyrus VS. Laura Marano – How Disney Stars Changed From 2005 To 2016

Miley Cyrus VS

Isn’t it weird sometimes how time flies and the kids we saw on television and grew up with are now adults, like us? We used to eat our cereal watching them and following their daily adventures, and now, Disney stars Laura Marano and Miley Cyrus are both in their early 20s, busy working on their careers. Marano just debuted her perfume,  and if you’re not familiar with at least one detail from Miley Cyrus’ adult life, then you’re living under a rock.

However, if you’re up for a trip down memory lane, then sit back and enjoy this minute-and-a-half long collage showing how much these two girls have grown since 2005, and who knows, you might be inspired to binge re-watch some of the old shows from the time when you, Miley and Laura were kids and the world was blissfully unaware that twerking will be a very important part of our lives for some reason.

Source: Famous 10
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