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Miley Heard A Cover Of Her Song And Survived


Look at Miley all  smiles and praise!


NBC’s The Voice ‘premieres’ every few weeks. The Knockout Rounds premiered this week, which means the singer’s were supposed to choose and perform a solo song.

This ended up being three hours of mistakes, really.

For the “premiere” Miley wore all black, an ankle-length collared dress that had “Team Miley” on the shoulder. Her hair had a bow in it and clips in the back. She only had one round of Knockouts, but she definitely earned her money as she watched hours of talent. Sundance from Team Blake even covered  “The Climb”, which sounded as if i twas being sung by some unidentified barn animal. However, Miley sat proudly, mouthing along lyrics and praised him like a mom when he finished. She even curtsied for him.

Adam joked that he’ll beat Blake with his own country contestant, and Miley winked at the prospect. So we might have a country duel on our hands soon.

Source:The Voice

When “Team Alicia” tried, Miley got quite emotional when Alicia sent her lovely, yet moderately talented sisters home.

Source:The Voice

“Oh, God, here I go,” was what Miley said, holding back tears when they exited the stage.

For Miley’s team Knockout , she pit Ali against Lauren, her newest team member. In the rehearsals, we saw Miley wearing a culturally appropriate cheongsam dress with a high bun and hair sticks. The white leggings and flat shoes only made it worse, and she ended up looking like a high school teacher on her first time abroad.

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