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Victoria Lyn’s First Impression Of The Milk Makeup Blur Stick

The Milk Makeup Blur Stick

Victoria Lyn says that if you’ve heard of the Milk Makeup Blur Stick you are probably makeup crazed. This is because the Milk Makeup face filter is not even on the market yet!

Milk Makeup Blur Stick 1

When you are a popular vlogger with lots of followers there are certain perks to the job. Sometimes get to try out things before anyone else has had the chance. And that’s exactly what Victoria does in this First Impression video.

Victoria thinks this is an “awesome, AWESOME” primer and explains why she feels that way.

In addition to taking down shine and blur pores, this colorless blur stick can be used on its own, as well as a primer. Fantastic!

Milk Makeup Blur Stick 2

The packaging is really cool and modern and it smells excellent. Victoria especially enjoyed the lightness of the product and she could feel the smoothing-out of creases almost immediately.

One of the most obvious qualities of the Milk Makeup Blur Stick is its mattifying qualities. Which are felt instantaneously. It blurs any imperfections without having to wear a heavy primer or feel that big makeup presence on your face.

The Milk Makeup Blur Stick 3

Victoria also tests the product on top of an already-applied foundation. Check out the video below to find how that went in addition to many other impressions as part of her review.

Source:Victoria Lyn Beauty

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