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Create A Miniature Bow Using A Fork And Bring Magic To Your Gifts


Holidays are coming! Have you started decorating yet? You may be planning something new this year, but don’t forget that the beauty of decorating is in the small things and the creative crafts. The small details you put into your gifts speak a lot about how you feel towards the people you love. In the video below, you can learn how to make these adorable tiny bows that are the perfect addition to your gift! Even if you think your gifts are ordinary, this miniature bow will bring the holiday magic to the gift.

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The video comes from the amazing YouTube channel Handimania, which is a place where you can find DIY inspirations and creative solutions for ordinary things. This sweet little bow is made with two different ribbons and a fork. Sound strange? The fork actually works like a loom, helping you to weave and create the perfect finishing touch for any present. You can choose any color you like and once you make your first bow, you will fall in love with the process.

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The best part?

It only takes a minute or two to complete each bow, and once you get into a groove, you’ll become a bows master!

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Another great point is that you can easily customize the bow to a different time of the year. You don’t have to use it for Christmas gifts only. For instance, if you want to go classic Christmas colors, choose green and red. The bow made in the video below might be perfect for Hanukkah or New Years Eve! You can even use these for your table decor if you please!

Need more ideas? Stack them on top of plates or napkins loop them onto the base of your forks. How about gluing them to your cups or wine glasses? You can also decorate your Christmas tree with these, No matter what you do with them, they’re guaranteed to catch your guests’ attention and freshen up your room.

Watch how to do them in more detail the video below:

Source: Handimania

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