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Minimalistic Tumblr Inspired DIY Room Decor

Minimalistic candle and succulent plant

Natasha Rose has raided Tumblr for some excellent minimalistic Do It Yourself ideas for interior decoration. These gorgeous yet simple ideas would inspire conversation in any room. Black and white with clean lines and smooth textures. What else do you need to know?

DIY home made decorations

What exactly is minimalism?

Minimalism is an aesthetic that originally emerged as a visual concept after the Second World War, as part of the pop-art movement. It has since grown to encompass a whole wide array of meanings, including minimalist music, architecture, design etc.

In the video, Natasha shares how to make a concrete planter, crystal wall-decals, and a funky milk-inspired decoration.

succulent plants and DIY vase

Natasha loves to interact with the people who appreciate her work. She has asked her followers to share their creations of these ideas on Instagram and has commented that she is looking forward to replying to those posts.

DIY home made decorations

She also asked viewers to give suggestions about what DIY hack they would like to see next with this cute Youtube comment:

“Excuse my paint covered hands in this video. 😂 I can never have cute nails because I’m always destroying them in my DIY adventures :’) What videos do you want to see next??”

Source:Natasha Rose

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