Pink Bow Minnie Mouse Extra Easy Cake Tutorial

Pink Bow Minnie Mouse Extra Easy Cake Tutorial


Canadian YouTube channel The Icing Artists features Laurie’s easy to follow, step-by-step recipes of simple buttercream cakes to more elaborate 3D cakes. In this particular video we will see how to make a Minnie Mouse Cake!

What do you need?

8’’ round cake

2 x 6’ round cakes

Minnie Mouse Cake 1


To make the ears match out and sit well, carve the 6’ cakes the same way.

Minnie Mouse Cake 2

Use a chocolate buttercream icing and die it black. Use chocolate to avoid adding a large amount of food dye in the buttercream since it will not taste good and on top of that might color your teeth.

Minnie Mouse Cake 3

Once you are done icing the cake, rub it down with a piece of paper towel. That helps give the cake a really smooth finish.

Minnie Mouse Cake 5

Next, it’s time to apply the final coat of icing. Use a bag and as you’re spreading that out, use an offset spatula. Be really careful when you’re smoothing the cake because if you press or push too strong, the ear parts might drift from the main, head part. Use the same paper towel method to rub down the second coat of icing.

This next step is kind of a tricky one. Use a toothpick to line out where the points of Minnie’s face start and stop. Think of the face as shaped like a heart or a half moon shape.

Minnie Mouse Cake 4

Once you’re happy with the outline, pipe on the buttercream. For Minnie’s face, Laurie is using a copper food colored buttercream and a little bit of yellow. Outline where the face is gonna go and make sure to stay inwards from the lines. Do that since you want to avoid the icing spreading out of the lines when you are going to rub it down in order to smoothen it.

Minnie Mouse Cake 6

Make sure to really blend the icing lines together.

Pipe on two ovals for Minnie’s eyes. Flatten that with a piece of paper towel. Proceed by outlining her smile and fill it in. Draw the remaining details of her face.

Minnie Mouse Cake 7

The Final Touch

Lastly, we are going to make Minnie’s bow. The bow will be made out of pink fondant icing. It will help the bow look three dimensional and professional. You want your bow to be smaller to avoid it cracking up.

Minnie Mouse Cake 8

See the video for a step by step preparation of the Minnie Mouse cake!

Source:The Icing Artist

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